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Sales presentation training for the C-Suite



This 1 day program offers your Sales teams an opportunity to engage with a C-Level Executive bringing their live accounts into play. It gives them the opportunity to dry run their value proposition and make sure their solutions are well aligned to the ongoing challenges they will face while in front of a real Client Executive. These sessions are highly interactive providing constructive feedback and improvements are continually being validated.


The number of participants per workshop is limited to 15 to ensure maximum interaction and role play with an External Executive. These sessions can also be run with cross functional teams of individuals who are collaborating on the same account. There is minimal account pre work required prior to delivery.


  • Deliver a Compelling Value Proposition:

Our Sales Presentation Training courses teach you how to create and deliver a value proposition that resonates with your audience and provides measurable ROI. By focusing on the benefits and outcomes of your solution, you’ll engage your audience and increase your chances of closing the deal.

  • Understand the Executive Perspective:

We challenge your sales teams to understand what is important to the C-suite, helping them to tailor their presentations to meet the specific needs and interests of the executive audience. By gaining a deeper understanding of the executive perspective, your sales teams will be better equipped to engage with the C-suite and win their business.

  • Build Self-Confidence:

Our Sales Presentation Training courses give your sales teams the tools and techniques they need to engage with the C-suite confidently and professionally. By providing your sales teams with the skills and confidence to present their solutions effectively, you’ll see a measurable increase in sales performance and deal size.

  • Comprehend Due Diligence and Decision Making Criteria:

We teach your sales teams how to conduct the necessary due diligence to prepare for meetings with executives and understand the decision-making criteria of the C-suite. By equipping your sales teams with a deeper understanding of the executive decision-making process, you’ll increase your chances of closing deals at the C-level.

  • Differentiate from Competitors:

Our Sales Presentation Training courses show you how to differentiate your company’s value propositions and solutions from those of your competitors. By developing a unique value proposition that stands out from the competition, you’ll increase your chances of winning the deal and reduce your time to revenue.

  • Increase Deal Size:

Our Sales Presentation Training courses provide you with the skills and techniques necessary to close deals at the C-level. By demonstrating best practices to close the sale and providing your sales teams with the tools they need to increase deal size, you’ll see a measurable increase in revenue and sales performance.

Our Sales Presentation Training courses are designed for:

  • Sales professionals who need to deliver presentations to executives and decision-makers.
  • Business professionals who want to improve their public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Marketing professionals who want to create compelling presentations that showcase their company’s products and services.
  • Anyone who wants to master the art of delivering a powerful and engaging presentation.

Ready to Elevate Your Sales Presentations?

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Custom Tailored Programs

We can offer your firm a customized program specifically tailored to your learning and development needs. We have conducted numerous successful workshops and Keynotes for Pre Sales, Sales Management teams, Engineers, Consultants, Sales Kick Offs and Annual Sales Meetings. Please contact us for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do you prepare a presentation for the C-suite?

If you want to prepare a winning sales presentation for the C-suite, here are five key selling strategies to keep in mind:

Understand your audience: Tailor your sales pitch to the specific needs, interests, and preferences of your C-suite audience. Use your sales training to research the company, its challenges, and its goals, and find ways to tie your product or service to their needs.

Develop a compelling value proposition: Make sure your sales pitch is focused on the unique benefits and value that your product or service can provide. Be sure when selling to emphasize measurable ROI and clearly articulate how your offering will solve the specific challenges of the C-suite.

Use storytelling techniques: Stories can be a powerful way to make your sales pitch more engaging and memorable. Use sales coaching techniques to craft a compelling story that demonstrates how your product or service has helped other companies, and show how it can do the same for the C-suite.

Prepare for questions and objections: Be ready to handle any challenging questions or objections that the C-suite may have. Use your sales training to anticipate the most common objections and have persuasive responses ready to go.

Practice and refine your presentation: Finally, practice, practice, practice! Rehearse your sales presentation until you feel confident and comfortable delivering it. Use sales coaching to refine your delivery and pacing, and solicit feedback from colleagues or a mentor to make improvements.

How do you present to C-suite executives?

Presenting to C-suite executives requires a strategic approach to ensure your message is heard and understood. Here are some tips on how to effectively present to C-suite executives:

Understand their priorities: C-suite executives are primarily focused on business outcomes and bottom-line results. Before presenting, research their priorities and tailor your message to align with their goals.

  • Keep it concise: C-suite executives have limited time and attention spans, so it’s important to keep your presentation brief and to the point. Focus on the key messages and avoid unnecessary details.
    Use data and evidence: C-suite executives are data-driven and want to see evidence to support your claims. Use statistics, case studies, and other data to back up your points and demonstrate the value of your proposal.
  • Be confident and professional: Presenting to C-suite executives can be intimidating, but it’s important to remain confident and professional throughout the presentation. Practice your presentation and seek feedback from colleagues or a sales coach to improve your delivery.
    Follow up: After the presentation, follow up with the C-suite executive to answer any additional questions or provide more information. This demonstrates your commitment to their needs and shows that you value their time and attention.

What are C-level presentation skills?

C-level presentation skills refer to the ability to effectively communicate and present to high-level executives in a way that resonates with their needs and priorities.

These skills typically involve being able to clearly articulate a compelling value proposition, tailor the presentation to the interests and preferences of the audience, use visual aids effectively, and handle challenging questions and objections with confidence and professionalism.

Additionally, C-level presentation skills may involve an understanding of the due diligence necessary to prepare for meetings with executives, as well as the ability to differentiate one’s company’s value propositions and solutions from those of competitors.